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Prof. Udai Pareek is an internationally acclaimed and researcher. (He is popularly known as the Father of Indian HRD Studies.)>

Prof. Udai Pareek is an internationally acclaimed and researcher. (He is popularly known as the Father of Indian HRD Studies.)

Date: 09/20/2003
From: Placementor-Team

Success in a career does not depend on just your grades, it depends on how well your inherent talents suit to the requirements of the career you choose. 

As a graduate or a post-graduate student, or some one  with just a few years of work experience, you need to understand a few things before you embrace a career for long.

With so many career opportunities springing up, you have a right profession tailor made for you; where you can excel, enjoy and enrich

All you need to do is to identify it and prepare for it.

CareerMentor helps you do just that

You can be really, really successful if your choose a career to which your heart, brain and soul are best aligned

Bill Gates, Michale Jordan and Mel Gibson would probably have had worst of the careers had they chosen acting, software and Basket ball respectively

Thank God they did not mix up

Very few of us actually know what is best for them from career stand point.  Mostly we are forced to do things by parents, relatives and teachers (with best intentions of course).  By the time, we realize what is good for us, we may have spent a lot of time in a job that just does not suit us.

If you put in that extra effort before choosing career paths, you can be that much more successful.

We at Placementor have worked out a solution.  

We looked at career selection 
scientifically and created a solution 
gives you superb results.

Some of us glamorize a particular profession based on some childhood experiences.  It may not be the best possible profession for us.  

As one of our team mates puts it

"I always wanted to become a professional cricketer, 
Until I was bowled that wicked bouncer"


You must build your career on 4 pillars


This is very crucial.  30 years back when your mummy and daddy were searching for a job, they had only a few options really.  

  • If they were bright, they would go for engineering, medicine or Government services.   

  • If they were all right and academically inclined, they would get in to teaching in a government college.   

  • All others, would get in to clerical positions. 

Well, there were exceptions, but most followed the same path. 

The situation is very different now.  While these options are still available, with the advent of outsourcing, a whole new set of jobs are created.  You need to understand that these jobs are exciting and demand skill sets that are not taught in our curriculum.   

Whether it is software, IT enabled services or Bio-technology, the set of jobs demand skills and aptitudes that are very different from conventional jobs.  Even in conventional sectors like banking, the technology is changing the nature of jobs and skill requirement. 

There are around 2 million graduates coming out every year and  approximately 1.5 million new jobs are created  in the emerging areas ALONE!!! 

So, the first step towards establishing a bright career is to understand this scenario. Learn exactly what is there on the table.  Know that, whatever your strengths, weakness are, there is an opportunity lying there.  You just have to tap it.

Exactly what qualities make you suitable for a job?

Scientists all over the world worked on this issue and they do have some answers.  Any HR executive, when testing you for a profession in his/her company will look for the following:

Domain skills
Personality skills

There are methods to measuring each one of these factors.  

So, you have to go through a series of assessments to carefully analyze your inner strengths and competencies and map it with available career options to find out which is the best career for you.

While some of these skills are innate, you can pick up the others, fine tune them and use them through out your career for best advantages. 

For any job that you want to take up today, you definitely need to have very good 

Communication skills 
Personality and Interpersonal skills that enable you to work with people all around the world
Leadership and entrepreneurial skills
Computer and Internet skills
Domain expertise

Thank god, These can all be learned and mastered!!!  

Whatever be the method that works for you, learning on own through books and other material, taking classes or picking them up indirectly through friends and family You must ensure that you have these skills at sufficient levels to get in to a career and do well afterwards

Here is a truth that you must know:

If you search right, you will find a company that will love to have you.  

You must choose a company based on your competencies, skills, attitudes and talents.  

There will be a group of companies that you must approach, apply and pursue.   

Once you narrow them down, you must do enough research on their activities and build a resume for them.  Your resume must tell the company how great a fit you are to them.  If you did the above three right, it is a simple process to create a resume like that. 

Once you have built the right skills, identified that right companies and prepared the right resume the battle is almost won.  Just apply to them, meet them and impress them 

Well you will be surprised that these companies will be impressed because you are yourself

Let us restate the four pillars on which you build your career

  • Understand the opportunities 
  • Understand yourself 
  • Bridge the gaps 
  • Apply to the right company at the right time 

Have your career built on these four pillars and enjoy a great future! 

To some of you the process may look very easy.  

But to most of you it may mean spending a lot of time in several unknown territories.


helps you build the 4 pillars without even realizing it.  Through a series of training, counseling and assessments, we make you get in to the perfect career even without realizing it.


We had to earlier push students on stage to make presentations. Now we have to pull them from the stage as they are not stopping talking.  They don't even know that they changed so much!

Dr. Narasimha Rao SVNE college (Tirupati)

We wanted to build one process that achieves all the four steps effectively.  

  • We worked for over 75,000 hours before creating the perfect process.  Throughout the process, we published our findings in journals, newspapers and taken feedback from parents and students. 
  • Implemented it successfully on a few thousand people.   
  • We have worked with students with rural, urban, technical, non-technical, middle, higher and lower income groups.  

We were amazed with the results

Initially we used to hesitate to talk about ourselves, but now we feel proud to talk about ourselves (after analyzing our strengths, achievements, and future aspirations)

Atul Gandhi KDK Engg (Nagpur)

We then approached training and placement officers of colleges and HR executives of companies.

In the new trend the companies are looking at job ready employees from day one. Small companies don’t have time or financial resources to train a fresh graduate for long period to make job savvy.  So they expect to induct job ready students , who deliver results immediately.

Mr.V S Rao MD, Orissa Power Consortium Ltd.


When we ask faculty to make presentations they hesitate, whereas you (students) are making presentations even without being asked.

Mr. Gururaj Principal, KITS


After thoroughly validating, fine tuning after each iteration, we now have with us the final outcome.  Users are saying it is 

"Novel, one of its kind, revolutionary,
effective and mind boggling"

Here is how we describe it without adjectives:

is first of its kind 
Scientific career counseling,  
training and recruitment service  

has all the four pillars packed in one place

Our group of career counselors including accomplished professionals from various walks of life, scientists with research experience in counseling, trainers and psychologists have put together their experiences in the form of books.

These books teach you every thing there is to know about latest options and opportunities and methods of developing your personality.  

We have also added several quizzes, tests to make the book highly interactive and self-learnable. 

The highlight of this package is a 15 minute video clipping from HR executives of various industry segments.  They give you practical cut-throat advise that works.

Placementor's scientific assessment enables you to understand your strengths like never before.  You may think you do not have any strengths.  

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised. 

The tests will run for a span of 3 months.  You will take a battery of 6 tests in this span.  The tests will be in Language proficiency, aptitude, attitude competency profiling, domain area testing over 25 different domains including software, management, bio-tech, financial services, pure sciences and engineering. 

At the end of this, you will get a profile of yourself.  

It is a 10 page profile of your strengths, skills and competencies.  It represents you so truly and accurately that we call it your Mirror

Any company worth its name need you to have excellent communication and personality skills.  They want you to spice it up with professional and entrepreneurial skills and show distinct comfort with latest computer and Internet trends

When they don't teach most of them in the college, how can you acquire them anyway? 

Placementor's self-learnable digital training is designed to train you in all these areas without you even realizing it.   

Whether absolute basic language skills (that bring you from class 6 level to class 10 level in 30 hours), intermediate language skills (10+2 in 30 hours) and advanced skills (graduate level in 45 hours), personality skills you can acquire them all through these interactive, multi-media material. 

The suite consists of over 200 hours of material packed in a CD and 2 books covering the needs  of a wide range of jobs from a wide group of companies.

We suggest to you the most suitable jobs by "MAPping" your profile with over 1084 different careers in our profile listing.  Whenever a new career comes in to our database with the profile that matches yours, we will inform you of the profile, skill sets and talents.

We do it for two complete years. 

We do NOT MAP mere resumes.  We MAP profiles.  

We also host a professional resume and profile of yours on our web site for the time period.  You can refer the companies directly to this new found URL of yours.


I liked everything that I have gone through in Placementor workshops and I wish we could have had more time to spend in such activities.

Sharmila ASN Degree College, Tenali

So, here is a summary of what you get through
  • Comprehensive training in all career skills: Communication skills, personality development, aptitude, entrepreneurial skills and computer and Internet skills through e-books, books and CDs

  • Exposure to all aspects of personality development and industry awareness through multimedia material

  • Rigorous self-assessments with a detailed profile through a series of web based examinations conducted over a span of three months and

  • Advice on resume creation and career selection

Career Counseling is essential 
for anyone willing to succeed

It is never too late. 

If you want to join the hundreds of students who are placed in best of the companies and are willing to work for a year with appropriate guidance and help, Go Ahead Now

As our main intention is to bring career counseling to most number of students, we have decided to offer it at a very low price.  Click here to understand how we priced CareerMentor and the discounts you are getting.

We in fact want to take our confidence to the next level:

We don't want your money 
if you are not thrilled with us...

Use our CareerMentor for 2 months. Experience the "CareerMentor" and If you feel that you are not getting what you expected from the pack, just return the CDs, books and the floppies. We will return your money (product price + your shipping charges).  We will not ask any questions

Yes, we take our product back and return your money after you use it for three months.  That's more than a guarantee, It is a challenge!  Return it if you can

One last word:  Whether you are going ahead with CareerMentor or not, ensure that you understand and excel in all the four aspects mentioned above before you take up the career.

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Best of Success,


P.S.- Career counseling and training are life changing processes. Go ahead and take the right decision Now

Yes!  I want a bright career


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